point of pride binder donation


Donate your binder today and help somebody in need. Nonboxx collaborated with the nonprofit organization called Point of Pride. For every binder donated you receive a $5 voucher to spend on our website!

What is the Point of Pride?

Point of Pride is an entirely volunteer-operated nonprofit organization. They are a dedicated group of students and professionals, activists, writers, and fundraisers. Trans women, trans men, queer, non-binary, and allies who all live and work all over the U.S.

"What unites us is our passion for bringing about meaningful, enduring change one individual at a time, and ensuring that vulnerable and isolated members of our community are seen and supported".  

Your donation will be appreciated a lot by all fellow trans or gender non-conforming members. For every binder donated, we at Nonboxx will send you a $5 voucher to spend on our website. 

Email us: to get your shipping label to donate your binder. We accept all sizes, styles, colors, and conditions. Once we receive your donation we will send you your voucher. 

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