About us

Hola friends, welcome at Nonboxx!
We believed that there weren't much underwear options yet for transgender guys and prices were often too high. So we searched for a solution for you, AND here it is: a great assortiment of affordable and comfortable FTM Packing Underwear for transmasculine guys and FTM Packing Swimwear. We also have a gender free clothing line, meaning all clothes are Unisex. As we believe that nobody really fits a box, we all have our own story, so we all deserve our own box. 
We try to deliver all our products within 12 days WORLDWIDE. Although some countries ask for a bit longer delivery time. 
We welcome all your feedback and suggestions for our webshop. You can just reach us by email: info@nonboxx or through our contact form. We will try to respond all within 48 hours. 

We believe in you,

NonBoxx Team